What is a Renewable Energy Source?

What is a renewable source of energy?

What is a renewable energy source? This is the question asked by many as more and more campaigns to invest in renewable energy sources become apparent. First, it is important to know that renewable energy refers to an inexhaustible energy source that has the capacity to replenish itself naturally. Unlike nonrenewable sources of energy that are available in a finite amount and get depleted with time, renewable sources of energy are constantly available. Therefore, renewable energy sources can be described as the sources of power that are inexhaustible and replenished continuously and naturally.

Typically, there are several types of renewable sources of energy utilized to provide power. These include sources such as hydropower energy, geothermal energy, Biomass energy, solar energy and wind energy. Solar is one of the most potent sources of alternative energy currently being used by people to provide power. The sun provides sunlight that can be used directly for heating and lighting. This energy can also be tapped by solar panels and stored in batteries so as to provide power long after the sun goes down.

What is a Renewable Energy Source

The next most commonly used source of renewable energy is wind energy. Wind has a variety of uses ranging from driving wind mills, sailing ships and the traditional grinding of grains. In the contemporary world, technology has made it possible to tap wind energy using turbines so as to generate electricity.

Another often used source of renewable energy sources is the hydropower. This is energy harnessed from water, which is also a renewable substance. Water is replenished through the processes of evaporation and precipitation. Flowing water provides a good source of energy through driving wheels and turbines that essentially generate electricity. Although the availability of flowing water is becoming an issue today, hydropower remains a potent source of renewable energy.

What is a Renewable Energy Source?

The most important aspect of renewable sources of energy is that it is renewable and therefore sustainable. These sources of energy will always be available. Although weather variations may limit the efficiency of some of these sources, it is only for a short time, and energy reserves can be stored in things like batteries until the unfavorable conditions pass.

Additionally, these sources of energy have a minimal polluting affect on the environment, especially when compared to the non-renewable energy sources.Renewable sources of energy are not taking a finite resource from the earth and for the most part don’t emit any green house gases rot other harmful pollutants in its production or usage.

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It is also worth noting that renewable sources of energy are cheaper in the long run. In fact, some of these sources are easily sourced and are cheap to emply. For instance, tapping of solar energy at homes to heat water or drying clothes requires little efforts.

However, these sources are sometimes affected by weather variations. For example, it would be impossible to tap energy from the sun during the cold or winter seasons. Likewise, in case of large production of energy, it would be quite expensive to get enough energy from these sources.

All in all, renewable sources of energy are indisputably beneficial and worth investing in. The energy is not only reliable and renewable, but also aids in enhancing the sustainability of our environment.


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