Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are those energy sources that can be exploited from without them getting exhausted. A definition to take care of the aspect of environmental friendliness would be ‘those energy sources we could exploit and still not deplete our environment’.

Wind and tides pass as two of the top 10 renewable energy sources because they are creation of air and water respectively. Water and air are part of the universe and we cannot talk of a reduction of any in the universe. The reason is that both are only transferable but never are they exhaustible. We can have surface water undergoing evaporation and ultimately turning to moist, the same may condense to form clouds while the cycle ends in the clouds bringing about rain. The operative idea here is that the aggregate of all the water in the universe is not subject to reduction. It can only change to many forms.

Wind has been seen to move wind mills and provide an alternative for oil. No fumes are to be emitted that would deplete the environment. Grinding grain would be one of the instances where wind energy is converted to mechanical energy, but it is worth noting that wind energy is principally for use converted to electric energy. Wind energy as one of the top 10 renewable energy sources has gained ground in the 21st century mainly in Germany in 2008.

Wind energy should be distinguished from tidal energy. First tidal energy is from thick fast moving water currents propelling mills under water, but wind energy will use air currents. The other vital distinction is purely the advantage of using tidal energy as opposed to wind energy owing to its predictability. This source of energy is dependent on the relative movement of the moon and earth.

Another source of energy definitely in the top 10 renewable energy sources is wave power. Wave power may be seen to overlap with tidal power though the two differ in depth with wave power depending on surface water. Sometimes a machine is used for waves owing to their unpredictability.

Solar energy is in the list of top 10 renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic devices with solar cells are fitted to convert solar energy into electric energy. With governments providing incentives for environmental friendly energy across the word, P V fitting in households has increased.

Hydroelectric power still among the top 10 renewable energy sources is the harnessing of mechanical energy from water flowing along gravity to move turbines; this mechanical energy is later converted to electrical energy to provide electricity. Reservoirs are what generate the required high potential energy for this purpose in large scale plants. However small scale plants are still seen to be depending on rivers flow.

In the top 10 renewable energy sources is geothermal energy that is very cost effective due to its lack of requirement for fuel. It has traditionally been used in the small scale to warm households and on large-scale to provide electricity. What makes it rare is its limitation places of tectonic plates boundaries. The largest geothermal group of plants is at the Geysers California in the United States of America.

Biomass provides fuel from living plants grown for that purpose and also trash. Such may be sorghum and corn.

Another renewable energy source is natural gas that is produced from pig manure and rotting vegetation and collected from landfills as opposed to non renawable natural gas derived from fossil fuels.

Ocean Energy is a broad collection of renewable energy sources that can be sourced from the ocean they include Marine current power, Osmotic power, Wave power, Tidal power, and Ocean thermal energy.

Radiant energy, though among the top 10 renewable energy sources is not without its scientific intricacies. Here we talk about the creation of a magnetic flux from shifting magnetic poles. Waves collide and between them an electric field is formed. It can be summarized as the electric effect of a magnetic field.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

  1. Solar Energy
  2. Wind Power
  3. Hydro Electricity
  4. Biomass
  5. Bio Fuels
  6. Geothermal
  7. Tidal Energy
  8. Compressed Natural Gas (CNC) – produced from pig manure and rotting vegetation and collected from landfills
  9. Wave Power
  10. Radiant Energy

Top 10 renewable energy sources


2 Responses to Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

  1. Pedro Yarull says:

    Natural gas and nuclear energy are non-renewable energy sources

    • Jon says:

      Hi Pedro

      You are correct if you mean natural gas, derived from fossil fuels, is not a renewable resource, However natural gas, produced from pig manure and rotting vegetation and collected from landfills IS a renewable resource, I will add this to the article to clarify.

      As for nuclear energy – nuclear fission is not regarded as renewable by the U.S. Department of Energy, and the American Petroleum Institute does not consider conventional nuclear fission as renewable, BUT it has stated that fast-reaction nuclear power fuel is considered renewable and sustainable… you can read more at wikipedia Nuclear power proposed as renewable energy

      Once again Ill add a note to the article to make this more clear.

      Thank you for your input 🙂

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