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Solar Energy Timeline Infographic – A Graphical History

I thought I would share this awesome infographic with you of a brief overview of the timeline of solar energy.

Its mind boggling to think how far we have come since 1839 and exciting to look up the road and imagine what other changes are ahead of us as we move more and more to using solar and other preventatives as our energy sources.

Make Your Own Solar Panel From Readily Available Materials

Any DIY enthusiast who is serious about his or her hobby has at some point wondered if you can make your own solar panel? Well the answer is yes! you can make your own solar panel and better still it can be done inexpensively and with readily available materials that you will find around your home and local hardware store.

Things you will need for a make your own solar panel project.

Get some solar cells, there are a number of different types of solar cells you can buy. If your trying to build your panels on a budget then go with ...

DIY Solar Power – Do It Yourself Solar Energy

DIY solar power (do it yourself solar power) is fast gaining popularity as a viable alternative energy choice to help supply people’s homes energy needs. There are now a number of alternative energy choices, but solar still stands head and shoulders above the rest as a viable, easily attainable, renewable energy source, that’s is effective and environmentally friendly. For some households the expense of having a commercial off the shelf solar panel system installed is still too expensive to afford (often costing many thousands of dollars),  DIY solar power systems (building your own solar panels) on the other hand, are cheap (as ...

Homemade Solar Cells – Build Your Own Solar Cells and Save $$$

In this current climate of rising energy costs and with the world now looking to move to greener energy choices, many people are looking into the viability of making their own homemade solar cells. So let’s get right to it, can you make your own solar cells? Well the answer is probably a surprise to many of you, but yes you can, you can make quality, usable solar cells and it’s nowhere near as hard or as expensive as you may think. In fact homemade solar cells can be built by just about anyone who has some rudimentary carpentry or DIY ...

Solar Energy Jobs – Great Careers In Solar Energy

Solar energy is an alternative source of power that is friendly to the environment and most economical. More households and commercial establishments are attracted to solar energy because of the great benefits that they can get from it. Solar energy creates jobs for various categories that promise good compensation benefits to lucky job seekers. Hence, more workers are needed to fill in the wide vacancy in different solar energy jobs.

solar energy jobs

These jobs are gaining wide attraction as they offer big salary and financial security. It is not difficult ...

The Cheapest Solar Panels Online

Solar panels are a good alternative source of electricity and can save you significant amounts of money. The only problem comes with the cost of buying and installing them. The cheapest solar panels are the DIY solar panels which you can easily install all by yourself. These solar panels are actually quite affordable unlike the other types of solar panels which might force you to take a loan to buy and install them. You also don't have to trouble yourself getting a technician to do it for you since it is quite easy to fix this type of solar panel.

Revealed – How To Build A Solar Panel In 8 Simple Steps

How to build a solar panel is a question that many homeowners are asking. This is mainly due to the prohibitive costs involved in installing solar panels which may set you back up to $20,000 for only 2kWh. And this excludes wiring items, an inverter, or cleaning equipment for your installation. […]

How To Make A Solar Panel At Home

Chances are if you are looking for the answer to the question “How to make a solar panel at home” you are either a DIY enthusiast or perhaps someone looking to save some money by cutting their utility bills whilst doing their bit to help the environment.

Build Your Own Solar Power System

So you have decided that you would like to build your own solar power system. I also bet that you are wondering to yourself how on earth do I get started on this kind of project. Sure, you can read some books on how to create electricity using solar energy, but many books fail to give you detailed instructions on how to start the process. Read More…

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

If your considering a solar system for your home, I’m sure the question that is foremost in your mind is “How much does it cost to install solar panels”? Bills are part of our everyday life, and we do not love them at all, instead, we always look for a way to run away from them. Read on…