Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Solar Energy Pros and Cons: Using alternative energy is indeed rewarding and beneficial, both for the consumer and for the environment. Given the fact that the use of electricity is becoming more expensive with each passing year, many people, in particular home owners are seriously considering alternative energy as the best choice to service their energy needs. Solar energy is fast becoming the most  widely used of all currently available alternative energies worldwide.

Whilst using solar energy looks to be an obvious solution given the current economic and environmental situation, we need to consider what are the pros and cons of using solar energy.

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Here are some of the solar energy pros that you might want to consider:

Cost saving – The sun’s energy is free to harvest and is infinitely renewable. You only need to spend on the initial materials that are needed to install the solar panels on your roof. This may cost you some money but it is definitely cheaper in the long run as it will dramatically cut your power bills.

Safe for the environment – Solar energy is part of nature. Logically speaking, natural resources do not emit any byproducts since it is naturally there for a specific purpose. Plus, the solar cells or solar panels convert the sun’s rays to electricity without using any chemicals or other substances that are harmful to the environment. It gives off no “harmful to humans” by products that many other energy generation processes do, it really is 100% safe for both the environment and the people living in it.

Readily available – Even in regional or remote areas where the power grid doesn’t reach, you can simply put up a few solar panels and be generating electricity in no time at all.

Here are some of the solar energy cons:

Installation costs – This can be a major concern for individuals and even businesses who want to start using solar energy. The installation of solar panels can be a bit pricey, though you can enjoy its monetary benefits in the long run. Many governments now offer rebates and other monetary incentives to get people to convert to solar energy, check your local council or government for more information.

Weather conditions – This can affect the conversion of the sun’s rays into energy especially if it is cloudy or if you live in an area with short days, this can be offset by ensuring you have enough solar panels to collect as much light as possible when its there and then have enough batteries to store the energy for times when conditions are not so favorable.

These are just some of the solar energy pros and cons. No matter which way you look at it, turning to solar energy makes sense from both a financial and environmental point of view. The earth is already suffering from too much damage caused by humans, it is time to do our part in contributing to its rehabilitation. Besides, it is a win-win situation. You get free energy from the sun but you are not harming mother nature in any way.

More and more people are already recognizing the benefits of using solar energy. Weigh up the solar energy pros and cons for yourself, then decide if having a solar panel installed on your roof is worth it to you, I think you will find it will be.

solar energy pros and cons

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