Solar Energy Jobs – Great Careers In Solar Energy

Solar energy is an alternative source of power that is friendly to the environment and most economical. More households and commercial establishments are attracted to solar energy because of the great benefits that they can get from it. Solar energy creates jobs for various categories that promise good compensation benefits to lucky job seekers. Hence, more workers are needed to fill in the wide vacancy in different solar energy jobs.

solar energy jobs

These jobs are gaining wide attraction as they offer big salary and financial security. It is not difficult to find jobs for solar energy as there are websites that opens job opportunity. According to Solar Foundation there are over 100,000 solar energy positions are all over the country. Companies involved in solar productions and renewable energy are number one producers of jobs to people who want to succeed in this field.

If you are one of those people who are searching jobs from the solar energy sector, you can take a peek at some of the most in demand jobs in both solar and non-profit sectors.

Solar Installation Electrician

Electricians are in demand in solar energy as they are responsible in mounting all electrical lines that connects directly to all sources of solar power to homeowners. In order to land a high paying salary as a solar installation electrician they have to be a graduate of an electrical course and earn certification to attest their credibility. They have to be knowledgeable in the local regulations on electrical installation and have at least three to five years of working experience.

Solar PV Engineer/Designer

A PV engineer and designer are needed in huge solar power installation because their knowledge in designing and drafting are vital in commercial buildings and solar farms. They should be graduates of four to five year course in Electrical Engineering. They have to be knowledgeable in using software for autoCAD.

Solar Consultant, or Solar Auditor

The solar energy sector like any other businesses also requires consultant and auditors to make assessments of the whole operating cost and company expenditures. Since the nature of their job holds sensitive financial documents, they work closely with the marketing and sales team. To become a solar auditor or consultant, one has to be a graduate of Bachelor in Business Administration, preferably a Certified Public Accountant or an MBA holder.

Residential roof-top solar panel installers

If you are a high school graduate or have taken four semesters in college, then you are a right candidate for this job. Most companies look for applicants with experience in carpentry and general construction. They have to be physically fit to do the lifting of at least 50 pounds of weight in their daily work.

Commercial roof-top solar panel installers

The requirements and education background are similar to its residential counterparts. They are hired in solar panel installations for schools, warehouses, retail buildings, government buildings and commercial buildings.

Solar PV Sales

These are sales jobs that are needed to boost the solar energy business. These people use sales talk to call potential customers who will invest in solar energy. At least they are high school graduates or college students with good communication skills.

Job seekers do not run out of opportunities to land their desired solar energy jobs that promise them bright future. There are more jobs for solar energy and non-profit sectors and their rates would depend entirely on the company that they are working with.

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