Solar Energy Could Help Bring Internet to Everyone!

You may be surprised to learn that approximately 65% of the earth has no internet coverage, but that’s all about to change courtesy of those smart guys at Facebook.

Facebook earlier this week confirmed they have employed a team of engineers who are working around the clock developing drones equipped with solar panels across their wingspan  capable of flying on their own for months, using solar power, at a time, safely above commercial airliner air space.

According to today’s announcement from — the organization that Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and others joined last year to help spread internet access — the drones would fly autonomously for months at a time at an altitude of 20,000 meters (roughly 65,000 feet). That’s well above commercial airspace, and it’s a good spot for the drones because it reduces risks that winds and weather will interfere with flight. Read More

Whilst it may sound a bit far fetched, solar planes have already flown up to a thousand miles in a single trip. One of the main challenges looks not to be keeping the drones in the air but effectively delivering data through the air.

solar powered drones

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Using a new, improved method of data delivery via air known as free-space optical communication (FSO), Facebook is hoping to use lasers to “beam” data between the drones and receivers on the ground.

Facebook on The Future of Connectivity

Whilst its still in developmental stages, this technology appears to be based on solid science and we should see implementation before long, we certainly will be keeping our eye on it.

Delivering high speed internet to regions never covered before will see many countries and individuals gain access to resources and reap benefits that havent been available before.

Drones runing on Solar energy and deleviring Internet is just another way solar energy can help benefit mankind

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