Revealed – How To Build A Solar Panel In 8 Simple Steps

How to build a solar panel is a question that is, undeniably, on most people’s minds. This is mainly due to the prohibitive costs involved in installing solar panels which may set you back up to $20,000 for only 2kWh. And this excludes wiring items, an inverter, or cleaning equipment for your installation.

Needless to say, if you could come up your own panels, you would save a lot of money. And the good news is that it is not difficult to do so. You could develop a solar panel without having to use silicon or incurring costly manufacturing processes. Below, therefore, we take a look at 8 simple steps in building a rudimentary solar panel as follows:

Items required

  • A hotplate or electric stove capable of reading at least 1200 watts
  • A micro-ammeter that reads currents of up to 50 micro amperes
  • A 2 liter glass jar or plastic bottle
  • Tap water
  • A few tablespoons of salt
  • Sand paper and electric drill
  • Sheet metal shears
  • Square copper flushing sheet of about ½- foot
  • Safety goggles
  • Alligator clip leads


  • To begin with, wear your safety goggles. Then, using the metal shears, carve the flashing into a square or rectangular shape that can fit on the hotplate. Remember to remove any corrosion that may be on the copper using the sandpaper beforehand.
  • Next, place the flushing on the burner before turning it on. Make sure you heat it for about half an hour in order to form a thick, black, cupric oxide layer.
    Once this layer has formed, ensure that the copper is slowly cooled down. You will also notice that it will begin flaking off. Some form of intervention may be necessary as the oxide and copper have different cooling rates.
  • With the copper flashing now cooled, remove any remaining oxide bits by scrubbing it under a tap with running water. However, do not be overly aggressive as you do not want to remove the red oxide formed when heating the flashing.
  • Using your metal shears, cut another copper piece which should be the same size as what you began with initially. Then, with the aid of alligator clips, connect the inside part of the jar, whose top has already been cut off, to the panels. These should be bent in line with the curvature of the jar and should not touch each other.
  • Then, connect the alligator clips fastened to the copper plate with your micro-ammeter’s positive terminal. The negative side should connect to the cuprous oxide plate.
  • Next, dissolve the table salt in hot water to make a solution which should be enough just to cover the bottom part of the plates. The clips should be left dry and well clear of the solution.
  • Place the jar containing the plates in the sun and see if you will detect a reading on the ammeter. If so, there is a current flowing through your device and such a panel can provide electricity of up to ten micro watts.

Though not viable for commercial production, following the above simple DIY solar panel-steps will guarantee success to anyone who seeks information on how to build a solar panel.

If your looking to build a more commercial style solar panel that you can use in your home, check out the following link it contains instructions on how to build a solar panel for under a couple of hundred dollars, Click Here

How To Build A Solar Paneler System

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