Residential Solar Energy – A Great Way To Help The Environment

The Benefits of residential solar energy are enormous. In this world of heavy taxes, residential solar energy systems are perfect for economic savings for those that are seeking efficient, cheap electricity and energy alternatives. If you do not have a residential solar energy system installed already, get it installed by a professional to get a comprehensive solution. They can help you with everything from selecting a design to financing the installation.

With electricity costs ever increasing at an alarming rate, a residential solar energy system can help alleviate the financial burden. What is really advantageous is that as per the law by Net Metering, home owners can sell any electricity generated back to their utility companies. This way, you can save a lot of money on annual electricity bill. With tax incentives and state rebates in place, you can replace almost 33 per cent of the construction charges, and that’s not all, solar energy systems are exempt from any property taxes.

residential solar energy

When it comes to selecting a solar system for residential purpose, you can choose from either solar thermal collectors that create heat or photovoltaic (PV) collectors that create electricity. Among these two, solar thermal collector system is the most efficient as it lasts longer.

Solar energy is good for the environment too. In North America, most electricity is generated by burning coal. This causes nitrogen compounds, sulphur dioxides, and particulate matter to enter the atmosphere.

The drawback of having a residential solar energy system installed is the high initial cost, but if you consider the economic incentives that you get later, you will not mind the upfront cost. So if you can invest a bit initially, your future will be secure. There are resources available online that prove a significant reduction in energy cost because of rebates. Apart from this, another drawback of a residential solar energy system is that if it is a grid-connected one, then the insurance policy of amount $100,000 is needed in order to cover the grid and home. This is because normal home insurance policy cannot cover grid connections.

The solar energy adds to the value of your property and lowers your utility bills. In fact, it is possible for people to make money by generating power and then providing it to the grid via Net Metering. Depending on what state you are in, the pay per kWh that you can feed back to the grid varies. Another benefit of solar energy is modularity. A solar panel can be put on pole, which is ground- mounted or on your roof. Online resources suggest that if you upkeep your solar PV for about 2-4 hours a year, you can easily generate power. However, for people living in the states that do not have solar access laws will have to install a PV system.

If we do not make use of a natural energy generation system such as a residential solar energy, we are going to encounter many energy problems in the future. A solar energy system is a great solution for anybody who is concerned about cutting energy costs and protecting the environment.

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