HomeMade Wind Turbine – The Benefits of Using Wind Energy

Building a Homemade wind turbine is a great way to educate your family on environmental issues and energy conservation, whilst saving some cash by supplementing your power.

Undertaking a Homemade wind turbine project is not as difficult or expensive as you may believe, Its actually a lot of fun

Wind energy is a natural source of energy derived from the air. The air is converted into a usable energy by the use of turbines which generate electricity from the energy produced by the turning blades of the turbine. This energy is then stored in batteries and is able to used for any number of uses and appliances around the home. Wind energy can be generated by anyone with the right equipment and tools.

Homemade Wind Turbine

Some of the benefits of using wind energy include:

  • THE WIND IS FREE – Wind is a natural source of energy controlled, regulated and taxed by no one. If one can gain access to modern technology used to capture wind and convert it to energy then he or she can save a lot of money by avoiding the dependance of power sources such as petrol and other forms of energy which cause pollution to the air.
  • IT’S A CLEAN ENERGY – It’s a clean energy because unlike other forms of energy, it does not produce greenhouse gases which are known to be a major hazard to the ozone layer that is responsible for climate change in the atmosphere.
  • IT CAN BE BUILT IN ANYWHERE – Wind energy can be generated in places that are known to be very remote and not easy to get power to. You can also build them in cities and save on power bills, with the right materials and knowledge on how to build them, you can build your own power turbines as long as there is space available in the area.
  • WIND TURBINES COME IN DIFFERENT SIZES –Depending on your budget or energy needs, there is a homemade wind turbine to suit everyone.
  • SAVES LAND – Wind energy requires raised turbines. The turbines are usually tall and don’t take up a very big footprint, usually just a small plot of land which means that, if you are a farmer, the land below can be used in other constructive activities such as farming.

If your ready to build your own Homemade wind turbine, I recommend you get a good diy (do it yourself) guide to follow, like the one found here.



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