Homemade Solar Cells – Build Your Own Solar Cells and Save $$$

In this current climate of rising energy costs and with the world now looking to move to greener energy choices, many people are looking into the viability of making their own homemade solar cells.

So let’s get right to it, can you make your own solar cells? Well the answer is probably a surprise to many of you, but yes you can, you can make quality, usable solar cells and it’s nowhere near as hard or as expensive as you may think. In fact homemade solar cells can be built by just about anyone who has some rudimentary carpentry or DIY (do it yourself) skills.

diy solar panels

The trick to building your own solar cells is to ensure you get a good guide or blue print to follow along with. Whilst I’m sure your local library may have books on DIY solar cells, I found an awesome resource online which you do have to pay for (around $40) that not only contains written instruction guide, but also has follow along step by step videos, which not only show you what materials you need (all of which are readily available from hardware stores) but how to assemble into your solar cell. (You can check out the guide I purchased here, I highly recommend it as it takes a lot of guess work out of what could potentially be a frustrating process).

Following the blueprint, in particular the videos made building our cells a simple and hassle free experience, it was actually a lot of fun and I got out oldest son to help out with what turned out to be a pretty cool diy project.

The guide claims, assembling the cells into a panel (which they walk you through as well), you can make savings of as much as 80% from your power bill (I’m guessing devices like air conditioners, stoves etc will still need mains power), but for our project we just made enough to build a tiny portable panel that will power our laptop (with the use of a small reconditioned battery) when away from a power source. I have to admit I was surprised to see the laptop fire up into life after exposing the panel to the sun for a short period of time.

Homemade Solar CellsFor those more serious about making fully fledged panels, then you would stand to make quite a lot of savings, I don’t know if the 80% is achievable, but even as much as 40% would make a massive dent in our energy bills. As an added bonus you know you’re doing your bit (no matter how small) to clean up your carbon footprints and help the environment, as the energy you harvest and produce will be 100% green, that means no harmful emissions that negatively impact on the ozone layer or the environment in general

You will need a few basic tools for the task, such as clamps, glue gun, copper wire, tin snips and a couple more items, all outlined in the guide.

With the success of this project, we now intend to build much larger panels and start the process of changing over our energy supply to solar, who knows we may even  generate enough excess energy to sell it back to the government, now that’s what I call sticking it to the man!

So if you are ready to build your own homemade solar cells, head on over to the following link and grab the guide we followed and start generating your own energy – Click Here

For a side by side look at three diy homemade solar cell guides, check out the following link diy solar panels.


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