Going Green Projects – What Can You Do to Help the Environment?

Going green projects are fun and easy and the green movement is becoming more popular. You can join in with a few easy projects that can really reduce your impact on the Earth. Our government may still be debating whether alternative energy is a good idea, but for the common homeowner, it just makes good sense. There are a number of tasks that you can undertake on your own including installing solar panels, rain barrels, wind power, a solar water heater and a compost bin.

Top Going Green Projects :

Do it Yourself Solar

Solar used to be so expensive that it was cost prohibitive. However, with an increase in popularity this upgrade is more affordable than ever. And it will not take long for you to recoup your investment in energy savings. All you need is a solar panel kit that you can buy online for a couple of few hundred dollars. The Kits come with everything you need including the batteries, wires and the panel itself. An 80 watt solar panel can produce over 1900 watt hours of electricity in one week with five hours of sun per day. This is enough to power some of your electronics, or to have emergency back-up power. Amazon have a large range of these kits, ranging from under a hundred dollars all the way up to a thousand dollars or more. Solar Panel Kit

 Check out Amazon’s Range of Solar Panel Kits

Another DIY Solar panel Going Green Project is to get a DIY guide which will show you how to build everything, including your solar panel for under A couple of hundred dollars! These guides are available for less than $50 Check out the following link for more information – Click Here

going green projects diy solar power

Do it Yourself Solar Water Heater

Looking for real savings with going green projects? How about this? A solar water heater can save $700 a year in energy costs and is only about $1000 to install. Plans can be found online for free that tell you what to buy, how to build and how to put it in, click here for more information. This will save 2 tons of CO2 emissions in the course of a year.

Learn More Here

going green projects diy solar water heater

Do it Yourself Wind Power

Wind farms are slowly creeping across the nation. People are beginning to understand the benefit of harnessing the wind and you can get in on the action too. Again for about $1000 dollars, you can buy a wind turbine, 12 volt batteries and a power converter, which is what you need to be up and running with wind power. Again, there are a host of online tutorials about how to install your wind turbine, such as the one found here

Learn More About DIY Wind Power Projects Here

go green projects diy wind power

Rain Barrel

Why install one or more rain barrels? Because water rainwater runoff causes erosion and flooding in some cases. It’s also good to add to your list of going green projects because you can save on your water bill by using collected rainwater in the garden, to wash your car, or even to flush your toilet. Rain barrels come in different shapes and sizes to meet your needs, and it is really just a matter of installing it under a rain spout on your house.

going green projects diy rain barrels

Compost Bin

This is a project that you can start by buying a compost bin for about $100 dollars, or by building your own. Composting makes good sense. It produces nutrients for gardens, and gets food waste out of the waste stream. Save your food scraps (excluding things like meat and dairy products) and place them in the bin along with yard waste. Turn the contents every 2 weeks and in a few months you will have finished compost.

going green diy compost bin

Going green projects are a responsible way to take care of our environment. They do not take much time, are not difficult and don’t require much of an investment. So get out there, recruit some friends or family and see what you can do.

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