German City Produces Four Times its Energy Consumption

Freiburg, Germany is home to the Sonnenschiff solar city. Sonnenschiff is German for “Sun Ship” and is the first combined solar and positive energy commercial building in the world

The reason its called “the Sun Ship” is due to its design and architecture resembling a freighter ship.

Aside from the stunning Sonnenschiff building, designed by Rolf Disch, the area around it in Freiburg im Breisgau’s renowned Vauban quarter has become a Solar settlement of sorts, with more than 50 homes along with commercial properties implementing green technologies to produce more energy than they consume.

The Sonnenschiff

Image source: Project Designer Rolf Disch website

Although net-zero projects have been creating a lot of buzz lately in the field of green building, the Sonnenschiff solar city in Freiburg, Germany is very much net positive. The self-sustaining city accomplishes this feat through smart solar design and lots and lots of photovoltaic panels pointed in the right direction. Read more at inhabitat

The video below is in German but will give you more insight into what the Sonnenschiff is all about

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