DIY Solar Power – Do It Yourself Solar Energy

DIY solar power (do it yourself solar power) is fast gaining popularity as a viable alternative energy choice to help supply people’s homes energy needs.

There are now a number of alternative energy choices, but solar still stands head and shoulders above the rest as a viable, easily attainable, renewable energy source, that’s is effective and environmentally friendly.

For some households the expense of having a commercial off the shelf solar panel system installed is still too expensive to afford (often costing many thousands of dollars),  DIY solar power systems (building your own solar panels) on the other hand, are cheap (as little as $100) and easy to build.

DIY solar power kits (perhaps a more accurate description is a DIY solar power guide or manual) walk you through the process of building your own homemade solar cells / panels. This includes a list of all the materials and tools you will need, where you can source your materials and tools (all readily available at your local hardware store). The better guides include both written and video step by step walk-through instructions, outlining the entire process of building your own panels.

DIY Solar PowerThe best thing about building your own diy solar panels is that they can be built for a fraction of the price of purchasing a commercial solar panel, .You can build one for around a $100 – $200 depending on the price of the required materials in your area and whether or not you need to purchase some rudimentary tools (most if not all of which you may already own).

Depending on how many panels you decide to build, you stand to save hundreds and possibly thousands in extreme cases off your power bill. We still run our larger appliance on off grid energy i.e. air conditioner, stove etc. but we have reduced our bills by around 40% and hope to see that number grow as we build more panels. Some of the Guides report you can save as much as 80% and even more depending on your normal energy usage requirements.

I’m sure you would agree in the current financial climate, any savings are a god send that can be redistributed to more needed areas of your family’s life.

Building your own diy solar power system is a lot of fun and is very straightforward if you follow a good guide like the one found here…. In fact it’s so easy that it makes a great project to get your kids and the rest of the family, involved in. That’s just what we did and we found it to be a great bonding and educational experience.

Another cost saving spin off is your family will be more aware of energy conservation and usage, my children now run around turning the light off after we have accidentally left them on!

Not only does it raise awareness in your kids about energy conservation, you can also lead the way and set the example for your friends, neighbors and extended family to build their own solar panel systems or at least raise more awareness about alternative energy choices for their homes.

Now don’t worry if you’re not a physicist, mathematician or even if you’re not the world’s best handy-person, if we can build these panels anyone can! It really is easy, just make sure you get a good guide to serve as a step by step blueprint and you can’t go wrong. The only other thing you will need to do is find a free weekend to build the project, and maybe recruit a family member or two to give you a hand with things like clamping.

Whilst the solar panels you will learn to make with these kits are more than capable to harvest and output enough energy to use for your household needs, they are also perfect for using in a portable manner. This means you can take them camping, mount them to the top of your Recreational Vehicle or just use a small one to power your laptop in remote locations. Once you have made your first one, you will quickly see you can make panels of any size or shape that you desire.

RV solar panels

Recreational Vehicle DIY Solar Panel

Benefits of building a DIY Solar Power Systems

  • Great idea to get the whole family involved in
  • Set an example for your family and friends
  • Slash hundreds, even thousands of dollars in extreme cases from your power bill.
  • Fun and educational project
  • Save money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free from the government regulations, go off grid
  • Easy to build
  • Materials are cheap and readily available
  • Green, environmentally friendly energy source
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your dependence on traditional, environmentally damaging energy sources.
  • Great for the DIY enthusiast
  • Cheap to build and install

Whether you want to build a panel for fun to power something like a laptop or you are looking to get serious and build a number of panels to help slash your power bills and reduce your dependence on the grid, DIY solar power is the way to go for an affordable, environmentally friendly, easy to build, cost saving energy choice.

With rising energy costs and the current state of the environment, wouldn’t it be good to free yourself from government regulations and go off grid? Hell you can even sell excess energy back to the grid in areas that have a buy back scheme, all the while you are helping the environment by lessening your use of non-green friendly energy’s and replacing them with green, non-polluting, emission free, renewable energy.

SO what are you waiting for? Get started on your own DIY solar power kit today, check out the following link for a side by side comparison of the three leading DIY solar panel guides on the market and ensure your solar project is a successful one. Click Here To Learn More

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