DIY Solar Panels – Build Your Own Solar Panels And Save

Want to build your own solar panels? You’re not alone DIY solar panels or “Do it yourself” solar panels are gaining enormous popularity as people look to save money by not only using an alternative energy source such as solar, but also avoid the often extremely high cost of having a commercial, prebuilt solar panel system installed into their homes or business’s.

In today’s worsening economic conditions and the crisis that is facing the environment, turning to DIY solar panels (often referred to as homemade solar panels) to makes perfect sense. But the following question needs to be asked

Can you really build your own solar panels?

If you’re looking into DIY solar panels, I’m sure the question on your lips is can you really build your own homemade solar panels?

I too was skeptical as this sounds like a massive undertaking, I thought to myself “build your own solar panels? Are you serious! Sounds too complicated”… well I couldn’t have been any more wrong if I tried.

What I did and what I highly recommend you do is get a good DIY solar panels guide that will serve as a blue print to follow along

What you will be surprised is how little it will cost to build your own system (under $200!) , how easily attainable the parts you need are (the vast majority if not all components are available at your local home depot and how simple the process is. You don’t need to be a physicist or need any specialist equipment, if you possess some basic DIY handy person type skills and have some rudimentary tools on hand (such as tin snips, glue, hammer, drill, clamps and a few more outlined in the guides).

It really is a simple, straight forward task, set aside a weekend and get your kids to help you, just make sure you have a good guide to follow along with. The guide we used came with complete video instruction which made the process that much more simple and was around $40 when we bought it, take a look here if you’re interested – click here

diy solar panels

What do you need to build your own solar panels?

As mentioned above if you have the basic tools found in any handy person or DIY enthusiast’s arsenal then you are more than well equipped to undertake this kind of project.

DIY Solar Panels Do they work and how much will I save?

The next question I’m sure you will want the answer to is just how effective these diy solar panels are at producing usable electricity and how much do I stand to save?

Well compared to getting a commercial system installed you stand to save thousands from installation alone.

Some guides claim you can save anywhere from 80% – total energy independence, I must admit I a extremely skeptical about such numbers, you will need to make a heck of a lot of DIY panels to achieve this (most guides come with a DIY wind turbine guide for free, so using a combo of the two energy generators may get you closer to those claimed numbers).

But I guess it depends on your energy needs, houses that have frugal energy usage may indeed reap such savings, but I think  the average householder needs to be more realistic and look at trying to supplement 40% or more of their energy usage needs by building their own solar panels. Once again this is dependent on how many panels you build, if you’re enthusiastic enough to build a whole grid of panels you could easily push this figure up over 60%.

I’m sure you will agree saving 40% or more of each power bill is incentive enough to build your own DIY solar panels.

Ready To Build Your Own DIY Solar Panels? Click Here For More Information

Perfect for portable use as well Recreational Vehicles & Caravans

If you are in an isolated area, or love getting away from it all DIY solar panels are perfect for RV vehicles, caravans and camping.

Make a solar panel small enough to be portable or placed on top of a RV is a synch and will provide more than enough energy for short term stays where there are no electrical facilities. The more batteries you have setup to store the energy reaped from your homemade solar panel the longer you can run your appliances.

RV solar panels

Great Green project for the DIY enthusiast or the whole family

Forgetting about the energy savings or even the environmental benefits for a moment, something that shouldn’t be overlooked is building your own solar panel is a lot of fun!  It’s the prefect project for the DIY hobbyist and be sure to recruit friends and family into the process, not only will they have a lot of fun, it will serve an educational purpose as well as it will create an awareness in them about the state of the environment and energy conservation.

build your own solar panels

DIY Solar Panels – Environmental benefits

You will derive a substantial amount of satisfaction in knowing you are doing your small part to help the environment and erase a little of that carbon footprint you have been leaving behind, as I’m sure you know Solar energy is clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy that is harvested by collecting the sun’s rays.

So what are you waiting for?

Now you have a better idea about building your own solar panels, why not get started on one asap! It really is an easy and fun experience, just make sure, as mentioned earlier, you get a good guide (preferably one that has instructional videos). To learn more about the leading DIY solar panels guides, and a side by side review, take a look at the following link Here.


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