Build Your Own Wind Turbine And Save

Build Your Own Wind Turbine And Save

build your own wind turbine

Deciding to build your own wind turbine is an excellent idea if you are looking to save money whilst helping the environment. The construction process is surprisingly easy once you have a decent set of plans to follow.

Turbines can be built from assembling readily available materials and can be a fun project to involve the whole family in, raise their environmental awareness and save a little money by generating usable power.

A good way to build your own wind turbine and generate wind energy can be, by bringing in professionals to install it for you, or you can simply assemble the right equipment’s and make it yourself. If you opt to take the second choice, here is what you should have:

  • GATHER THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT AND COMPONENTS – To create a strong, robust and efficient wind turbine, you will need to have the right materials such as blades, a pole, long enough to get the turbine up high enough so as it can capture the wind, an electronic control system for regulating the power a generator and a battery.
  • ASSEMBLING YOUR COMPONENTS This part requires time and patience to ensure your turbines work effectively. The first step is to attach the blades to a rotor by using bolts or screws. After attaching the blades, one can cover the blades surface with an oil base paint and later on add a layer of enamel paint to make the blades last longer .
  • TEST YOUR BLADES – After you attach your blades and rotor to the main core of the turbine, the next step is to test whether the blades are working efficiently. The test basically determines if the blades distribute their weight evenly. This is important because an unequal distribution of weight will cause you to lose your power as the generators rotation wont be uniform, leading to spikes and lows.
  • ATTACHING YOUR BATTERY – A battery is essential in this project as without it, you can store the energy generated from the turbines. Once you have your battery (a regular car battery will do), you attach a copper wire to the battery, the copper wire will be connected from the base core of the generator that you will be using. The connection should be checked and rechecked to avoid problems in the flow of current. NOTE – do further research if you are not so sure of how to connect the wires, you may want to check out a guide like earth for energy
  • ATTACH THE DIODE TO THE BATTERY – This is the last step to constructing your home based wind turbines. After attaching your diode, then you can place your core in an elevated angle so as it can capture as much wind as possible.

So now you have an overview of how to build your own wind turbine, for a more in depth step by step guide, including list of materials, blue prints and even video instruction check out the following resource. Click Here


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