Build Your Own Solar Power System

So you have decided that you would like to build your own solar power system. I also bet that you are wondering to yourself how on earth do I get started on this kind of project. Sure, you can read some books on how to create electricity using solar energy, but many books fail to give you detailed instructions on how to start the process. The books give you basic information without giving you the details you need to accomplish the task that leads people to give up before they even get started. Here are some steps on how you can build your own solar power system without having to worry about whether or not the job will get done.

Building your own, is without a doubt the cheapest way to make solar panels

Build Your Own Solar Power System

7 Steps To Build Your Own Solar Power System

  1. Obtain the supplies. The first thing that needs to be done is to obtain the supplies. Some of the things you will need are: three 12 Volt batteries, solar panels, battery charger, AWG cable, power inverter, screwdriver, electrical tape, wire cutters, drill, wrench, and a tote.
  2. Get the batteries ready. You can get the batteries ready by hooking it up to a charge and allow it to power up. Be sure to do this even though you bought brand new batteries, since I have bought a new one that was only charged up to ninety-five percent. While you wait for the batteries to charge up you can work on setting your solar panels into place and make certain that they are fairly clean.
  3. Put batteries into the tote. When your batteries have been charged then you will need to put them into the tote. Place the negative side of the batteries on one side and place the positive together on the other side. Once you have done that you can start measuring from each terminal to form each jumper.
  4. Form the jumpers. Use the AWG cable and connect the batteries together in a parallel manner. You will need to measure and then cut the cable. Once you have done that you can add some mechanical lugs.
  5. Prepare your tote’s lid. You will need to make a couple of small cuts on your tote’s lid to place the inverter and for the charge controller to have a place as well. Make sure that the cuts that you make are large enough to allow the wires to pass through the tote’s lid with ease, but be sure that they aren’t large enough to wiggle around for any reason.
  6. Make a connection. This is where you connect the batteries to your inverter and charge controller. Be sure to check that your inverter is turned off. Do not connect the charge controller just yet to the solar panels that should be wired up already by now.
  7. Done at last! For the last step you need to have everything wired together for the solar panel system to work. This is done by hooking up the charge controller to your solar panels. Then you will need to switch on your inverter to see if it works or not.

For a more detailed instruction guide on how to build your own solar power system, including step by step video instructions, take a look at the following link – Click Here

Build Your Own Solar Power System Video Example

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