Australian Solar Power Boom – Consumers Choose Change

Australians are turning in record numbers to solar panels to supply their homes energy needs with the number of consumers doubling over the past three years.

South Australia, leads the way with a 28 percent increase in solar panels Adelaide, closely followed by Queensland making up 22% of change, 18% in WA, 11% in NSW and Victoria making up the final 12%.

The main reason for this change is people becomgin sick of rising electiricty bills, which look set to sore in the future. An increasing environmental concsiousness also appears to be a factor in the community.

”People have twigged that electricity bills are going to keep going up for some time, and they’ve also worked out that the sun is going to come up tomorrow,” said Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber.

”They are walking into solar shops with their power bills in their hands saying ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more’.”¬†Read more:

Its safe to say the future looks bright for residential solar energy in Australia, considering it is such a sun drenched country it makes sense.

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