Alternative Fuels For Cars

The interest in alternative fuels for cars is brought about by ever increasing fuel prices, the influx of many cars on the roads ,the need to have a clean environment as well as the need for many countries to become independent as far as fuel is concerned.The conventional fuel used by todays cars is under intense demand as a result and the world oil prices are increasing rapidly. The demand for petroleum fuel increases on a daily basis due to the new cars released on the market each day.

There are many Alternative fuels for cars, some are still under development and in the testing stage, while others are in use. These alternatives are considered to be any other means of fueling cars apart from petroleum. Some of the more serious alternatives include the bio oils, compressed air, vegetable oils, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen, methane (non-fossil), electricity stored chemically in a battery, bio alcohol and even water! amongst other sources. The danger of the conventional fuel is that the emissions from the car are harmful to the environment.

water fuel

Water fuel

Leading Alternative Fuels For Cars

Biodiesel is manufactured from animal or vegetable oils that are derived from plants such as sunflowers, olives, corn, sesame, soya beans and many others. Once the oils or fats from the aforementioned sources are filtered, they are combined with alcohol such as methanol to function properly. However biodiesel is known to emit less pollutant when compared to conventional fuel and, it’s much cleaner and very efficient. Bio diesel is known to be safe and have a very low percentage of carbon monoxide emission among other pollutants.

Battery electrical vehicles use batteries that have been charged using electricity; such cars are known to emit no emissions. These cars make use of batteries such as a lead acid battery and NIMH batteries amongst others, the challenge with this alternative is that, once the battery is drained by 25%, they take a very long time to recharge. These rechargeable batteries are also very expensive and this has been the main reason why these cars have recorded very low sales volume despite the technology being in existence for a long time.

alternative fuels for cars

Electric Car

Ethanol is manufactured using crops such as corn and it is known to produce less pollutant than the petroleum products. Suzuki has released a model that uses pure ethanol.

Propane is a natural gas readily available in gaseous form and has been in use in some parts of the world. Although it’s not widely used, some people claim that, it’s one of the best alternatives.

hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen. The use of hydrogen fuel cells is known to reduce the emission produced by the cars engine. Hydrogen is still under tests, and the engineers are trying to resolve issues such as how to ensure that the cars engine does not catch fire or freeze amongst other issues. Hydrogen is considered to be Eco-friendly.

Methanol is another one of the better alternative fuels for cars, it can be combined with gasoline and used, although car manufactures are no longer testing this substance, it could be widely used in the near future.

vegetable oil vehicle

Vegetable Oil

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