Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy – Geothermal energy has been around for hundreds of years now. Basically, the term geothermal comes from the Greek words; geo which means earth and thermal that means heat. Thus, it gives out an instant and simple definition as geothermal energy is heat coming from the earth.

Even though there is quite a number of arguments going on with regards to geothermal energy, but this one is still considered to be the most inexpensive and very affordable green energy solution that is very much available out there. Nevertheless, geothermal energy is truly effective all through any season and it can greatly help a lot when it comes to saving loads on energy costs. Aside from being less expensive compared to solar panel technology, it is also sustainable and completely clean.

When there are pros, of course, there are also cons. So here are the many advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy that you might want to know:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

  • First on the advantage list is with the fact that geothermal energy is surely environmental friendly. Since geothermal energy emerges from the natural that is being produced by the earth underground, so there are really no burned fossil fuels that were used along with the corresponding release of harmful and dreadful gases.
  • Another advantage is that the supply of this renewable energy is constant, as well as without limits. Put in mind that the earth is never going to stop producing heat energy and in theory, energy is abundant enough to supply all the needs of all mankind.
  • Third advantage is that when generating heat for a home system, it ensures you that it is really condensed. A standard geothermal heat pump is not larger compared to a small fridge.
  • The next advantage is that geothermal energy is considered low maintenance. It seems though these energy source do not really require regular servicing unlike many other standard heating systems out there. However, this just simply means that it can cost less, as well as hassle.
  • For the disadvantage, one would include the space that is needed for the piping system. For big scale operations, it would definitely require a massive amount of space in order to be able accommodate the maze of huge pipes.
  • Speaking of pipes, the repair, as well as the maintenance can also bring forth a big disadvantage since the maze of pipes located deep underground, maintenance work is definitely not an easy task to do.
  • This energy cannot be transferred over long distances. Unlike fuels such as coal, natural gas and petroleum, they can easily be hauled from the source to the user, even if it’s miles away.
  • Lastly, the hazard of geothermal gases can produce. Tapping onto this energy may bring forth release of potentially harmful and hazardous chemicals, as well as gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

Those were a few of the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy. There are a number of benefits you can get from this renewable energy, but you can also receive several disadvantages. However, it is still safe to say that these downside are minor ones compared to the advantages that this source of energy provides. Fancy building your own DIY Geothermal Heat pump?, check out the following link for more information – Click Here


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