Monthly Archives: March 2014

Orbiting Solar Array Could Be a Reality!

It may sound a little out there, like something from a Star Trek script, but the United States Navey has come up with a plan, as well as two testing modules that would harness solar energy from the solar system and redirect it to earth for energy usage.

The idea is to launch a plethora of these modules into space and then have robots assemble them in space to form a satellite which would harvest the solar energy found in space and beam it back down to earth! I told you it sounded like a science fiction script!

Australian Solar Power Boom – Consumers Choose Change

Australians are turning in record numbers to solar panels to supply their homes energy needs with the number of consumers doubling over the past three years.

South Australia, leads the way with a 28 percent increase in solar panels Adelaide, closely followed by Queensland making up 22% of change, 18% in WA, 11% in NSW and Victoria making up the final 12%.

Solar Energy Timeline Infographic – A Graphical History

I thought I would share this awesome infographic with you of a brief overview of the timeline of solar energy.

Its mind boggling to think how far we have come since 1839 and exciting to look up the road and imagine what other changes are ahead of us as we move more and more to using solar and other preventatives as our energy sources.

German City Produces Four Times its Energy Consumption

Freiburg, Germany is home to the Sonnenschiff solar city. Sonnenschiff is German for “Sun Ship” and is the first combined solar and positive energy commercial building in the world

The reason its called “the Sun Ship” is due to its design and architecture resembling a freighter ship.